"Despertar contigo" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Pedro Damián for Televisa. It's a remake of a Colombian telenovela Pobre Pablo. The main stars are Daniel Arenas and Ela Velden.


In a convention of flower growers, destiny brings together two young people who begin their love story when they meet. Maia and Pablo come from different social classes. Maia is Othón's oldest and only daughter after losing his son, Gael, in a house fire. Othón is one of the most important entrepreneurs of the flower cultivation and is heavily strict towards her. On the other hand, Pablo is part of the bodyguard squad of Antonia, Othón's biggest rival.

Antonia and Othón have known each other since they were young and do not miss a chance to hurt each other. Antonia takes advantage of the meeting between Maia and Pablo to deceive Maia by saying that Pablo is one of the most important horticulturists of the country ... a lie whose purpose is not to hurt Maia, who does not care if Pablo is from a rich social class or not, but Othón, who is heavily strict towards Maia. He wants her to be married to a wealthy man and would be actually more than destroyed if he knew that she loves a poor man.

But in addition, the love between Maia and Pablo is not only condemned by the entanglements that surround their encounter, but also by their former flames: Cindy and Federico. Cindy, who was Pablo's girlfriend in the past and calls him by his middle name, Herminio, comes back into his life, wanting Pablo back in a desperate and obsessive manner.

Meanwhile, Federico is a junior who is with Maia for interest and wants to marry her with Othón's support (who believes that he is a millionaire). Both will do whatever they can to prevent a "stretched" and "naughty" from taking away, what they believe, belongs to them. With making things even worse for both Maia and Pablo, Maia turns out to be pregnant with Pablo's baby and decides to keep this a secret, by claiming that the baby is Federico's.

Bad blood, spite and jealousy are the condiment of this love story, which is born suddenly in the least expected place and tests the ingenuity and decision of Maia and Pablo.


  • Production of the telenovela started on May 16, 2016 in Mexico City.
  • Other considered titles were 'Ángel de amor' and 'Guardián de mi corazón'.


Main cast

Daniel Arenas Pablo Herminio Leal Ventura
Ela Velden Maia Alcalá González
Sara Corrales Cindy Reyna
Aura Cristina Geithner Antonia Santamaría
Enoc Leaño Othón Alcalá
Leticia Huijara Tulia Ventura
Estefania Villarreal Frida Díaz de la Vega
Gonzalo Peña Federico Villegas
Roberta Damián Jenny Paola Leal
Christian Chávez Christian Leal
Rodrigo Murray Eligio Vallejo
Armando Silvestre Silvestre Leal
Sebastián Poza Mosquito
Daniel Tovar Rodolfo Soler
Alejandro Calva Rafael Reyna
Eloy Ganuza Álvaro
Marcus Ornellas Néstor Cabroneli
Lucas Bernabé Wilson
Mara Cuevas Carmen González de Alcalá
Luz Aldán Flora
Alejandro Valencia Ferney
Arturo García Tenorio Ismael
Natasha Esca Tatiana Vallejo Santamaría
Isidora Vives Rosalía
Claudia Acosta Rufina
Oswaldo Zárate /
Anna Ciocchetti Cynthia
Ehécatl Chávez /

Guest stars

César Bono Tito
Polly Matilde
Polo Monárrez Ulises
Alex Strecci Choper
Patricia Martínez Irma
Claudio Báez Coronel
Abraham Stavans Matías
Antonio De Carlo Rogelio
Bárbara Torres Nun
Elizabeth Guindi Zulema
Cristina Zulueta Melissa
Francisca Lachapel Amanda
Yankel Stevan Fabián
Horacio Castelo /
Scarlet Dergal /
Horacio Castelo /
César Rodríguez /
José Manuel Alanis /
Fernanda Beltrán /
Alberto Langer /
Flavio Lezcano /
Paco Morales /
Felipe Nájera /
Fernanda Ostos /
Pilar Pellicer /
Luz Ramos /
Eivaut Rischen /
Luz Edith Rojas /
María Jimena Rueda /
Benjamín Islas /

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