"Deus salve o rei" is a Brazilian telenovela written by Daniel Adjafre for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it aired from January 9 to July 30, 2018. The main stars are Rômulo Estrela and Marina Ruy Barbosa.


Middle Ages. In the region of Cália, the kingdoms of Montemor and Artena have lived in peace for a long time. Until some choices of their monarchs and their consequences directly interfere in the course of history. Afonso, crown prince of Montemor, is an honorable man, fair and who, from a young age, was prepared to one day take the throne. Just the opposite of his younger brother, the irresponsible and inconsequential Rodolfo, who only thinks of enjoying the stewardship of his life as a prince. The two are the grandsons of Queen Crisélia, who is sick and realizes - every day - the urgency of nominating a successor to her kingdom, which would naturally be Alfonso, the eldest.

Artena, the neighboring kingdom, is ruled by King Augusto, a wise and benevolent man, who has an ally in his daughter, Princess Catarina, his successor. But she, unlike her father, has ambitious plans for her kingdom, and will spare no effort to achieve her goals. Hoping that one day his daughter's attitudes will change, Augusto looks for a suitor who can rein in the reins of his ambition. And he finds one in Istvan, the Marquis of Córdona, the ideal man. Against his daughter's will, he schedules her engagement. Until the arrival of Constantino, the cunning Duke of Vicenza, in whom Catarina finds a strong ally.

Montemor is a prosperous kingdom, rich in iron ore, but lacking something essential for its subsistence: water. Artena, on the other hand, has this feature in abundance. A long-standing agreement between the two kingdoms ensures that the ore produced in Montemor is supplied to Artena in exchange for its water. Crisélia's death dangerously shakes the peace held between the two kingdoms. Afonso will soon become king, but his love for the plebeian Amália makes him relinquish the throne, handing the post to his unprepared brother, which makes relations with the neighboring kingdom even more delicate. And right now, Catarina has a great opportunity to put into practice her expansionist plans.


  • Agatha Moreira was considered for the main role of Amália.
  • Marcos Pitombo was considered for the role of the main villain, however he was replaced with actor José Fidalgo.
  • Renato Góes was initially confirmed in the role of the main protagonist, Prince Afonso. However, he was later transferred to star in another Globo telenovela 'Filhos da terra' and was replaced with actor Rômulo Estrela. Estrela initally was confirmed in the role of Amalia's brother and was replaced with Vinicius Redd in the role.
  • Walter Breda was confirmed in the role of the main protagonist's father. He even filmed a couple of episodes, but had to resign due to a medical emergency. He was replaced with actor Giulio Lopes.
  • Júlia Rabello was reserved for the role of Matilde, but was ultimately replaced with Cristina Pompeo.


Main cast

Marina Ruy Barbosa Amália Giordano
Rômulo Estrela Afonso de Monferrato, Prince of Montemor
Bruna Marquezine Catarina Vila Real, Princess of Artena
Johnny Massaro Rodolfo de Monferrato, Prince of Montemor
Tatá Werneck Lucrécia, Princess of Alcaluz
Ricardo Pereira Virgílio Salazar
Marco Nanini Augusto Vila Real, King of Artena
José Fidalgo Constantino de Artanza, Duke of Vicenza
Alexandre Borges Otávio de Cáseres, King of Lastrilha
Fernanda Nobre Diana de Semineli
Bia Arantes Brice Alvarez
Caio Blat Cássio
Marina Moschen Selena (Sofia de Cáseres, Queen of Lastrilha)
Giovanni de Lorenzi Ulisses
João Vithor Oliveira Saulo
Giulio Lopes Martinho Giordano
Débora Olivieri Constância Giordano
Vinicius Redd Thiago Giordano
Rafael Primot Osiel Macarenhas
Danton Mello Gregório
Mel Maia Agnes
Tarcísio Filho Demétrio
Marcos Oliveira Heráclito de Fernandes, King of Alcaluz
Marcello Airoldi Romero
Dayse Pozato Betânia
Cristina Pompeo Matilda Caligari Flores
Monique Alfradique Glória Oliver
Betty Gofman Nalanda 'Naná' Oliver
Leandro Daniel Petrônio
Pascoal da Conceição Lupércio Arquimedes
Daniel Warren Orlando
Isadora Ferrite Brumela
Carolina Ferman Lucíola Tretino
Maria Manoella Mirtes de Lurton
Cláudio Garcia Hélvio
Tobias Carrieres Levi
Aramis Trindade Olegário Flores
Jaed’son Bahia Delano
Rafa Vachaud Eustáquio
Javert Monteiro Lutero
Julia Guerra Latrine
Júlio Machado Aires
Liéser Touma Timóteo
Isis Pessino Isis

Guest stars

Adriana Bellonga Domingas
Aldo Perrota King Augusto's Soldier
Alexandre DaCosta Rodolfo's Geography Teacher
Ana Paula Botelho Muriel
Andréa Dantas Dionísia
Andréa Mattar Tácitus' Mother
André Dale Constantino's Messenger
André Segatti Henri
Anne Berg Lurdes
Anselmo Fernandes Baltazar
Antônio Alves Priest
Antônio Barboza Simão
Arnaldo Marques Heitor, King of Alfambres
Arthur Salles Ícarus
Beto Vandesteen Nuno de Alpergado, Count of Brúnis
Bia Sion Jacinta, Queen of Lúngria
Bijú Martins Isaías
Caco Ciocler Hermes de Artanza, Count of Vicenza
Camille Leite Guimarães Geórgia
Cássio Pandolph Religious Leader
Cássio Scapin Heber
Celso Frateschi Superior Judge of Cália
Chico Melo Coachmen
Cirilo Luna Selésio
Cláudio Caparica Lastrilha's Priest
Cristina Mutarelli Margot Cantelli de Vilarosso, Queen of Alcaluz
Déborah Kalume Duchess Lilly of Alfambres
Fifo Benicasa Tirso
Flora Diegues Heloísa of Cáseres, Queen of Lastrilha
Gabriel Palhares Tácitus
Glicério Rosário Elói
Ilya São Paulo Nadja
Jack Berraquero Valentim
Joana Borges Tila
Kiko Nunes Miner
Leonardo José Doctor
Luiz Magnelli Citizen of Montemor
Marcelo Müller Julião
Márcia Manfredini Rebeca
Marco Amaral Correia Miner
Marcos Hollanda Montemor's Citizen
Mariah Rocha Sister Camila
Mário Hermeto Client
Naruna Costa Samara
Nilvan Santos Manoel
Noemi Gerbelli Sister Benedita
Paula Fernandes Beatriz, Princess of Lúngria
Paulo Carvalho King Augusto's Doctor
Pietro Mário Priest
Priscila Castelo Branco Teodora
Ragi Abib Coachman
Renata Dominguez Belisa
Ricardo Blat Isandro
Ricardo Conti Ítalo
Ricardo Lyra Jr. Hugo
Ricardo Monastero Pietro
Rita Elmôr Larissa
Rodrigo Rangel Commandant
Rogério Brito Emídio
Rosamaria Murtinho Crisélia de Monferrato, Queen of Montemor
Rosa Marya Colin Mandingueira
Samuel Vieira Josafá / Oséias
Saulo Arcovedre Citizen
Sérgio Stern Engineer
Stella Miranda Gertrudes, Queen of Alfambres
Stênio Garcia Bartolomeu, Inquisitor of Cália
Tai Raveli /
Tuninho Mennucci Montemor's Citizen
Vera Maria Monteiro Thankful Woman
Vinicius Calderoni Istvan Labarca, Marquis of Cordona
Vitório Gava Young Rodolfo de Monferrato
Walter Breda Enoque
Wilson Rabelo Josafá
Yago Machado Marcus