"Ringo" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Lucero Suárez for Televisa. It's a remake of a 2012 Argentine telenovela 'Sos mi hombre' and it started airing on January 21, 2019. The main stars are José Ron and Mariana Torres.


Ringo is an ex-boxer who is about to discover that his most difficult fight will not be in the ring, but in real life. Outside the ring, his biggest adversaries will be envy and betrayal. Despite having left the ring, he is forced to face much tougher opponents: his painful economic situation, the disappointment in love and the struggle for the custody of his son Santino.

Julia is a young doctor who, despite her successful situation, feels that her life only makes sense by helping others. The roads of Ringo and Julia will cross in the middle of a dangerous situation; the attraction will be instantaneous and nothing will be the same again.



Main cast

José Ron Juan José Ramírez (Ringo)
Mariana Torres Julia Garay
César Évora Óscar 'Oso' Villar
Jorge Poza Diego Jáuregui
Alfredo Gatica Ariel Nasif (El Turco)
Luz Ramos Rosa
Pierre Louis Javier (Gavilán Machaca)
Claudia Boyán Elsa
Arturo Carmona Alejo Correa
Gabriela Carrillo Gloria Ortiz
Silvia Mariscal Teresa Rojas
Luz Edith Rojas Brenda Garay
Isadora González Sandra
Otto Sirgo Iván Garay
Pierre Angelo Damasio
Óscar Bonfiglio Manuel Ochoa
Edsa Ramirez Eva
Francisco Pizaña Carrizo
José Manuel Rincón Rafael Villar
Alberto Estrella Guevara
Patricio de la Garza Santiago Ramírez Ortiz
Santiago González Máximo
José Manuel Lechuga Pepe Toledo
Paco Luna Guachin
Mercedes Vaughan Marta
Adalberto Parra Antunes
Marlene Kalb La Zorra
Alicia Encinas
Gloria Sierra
Gaby Mellado

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