"¿Te acuerdas de mí?" is an upcoming Mexican telenovela produced by Carmen Armendariz for Televisa. It's a remake of a 2016 Turkish drama 'Gecenin kraliçesi' and it will start airing on January 18, 2021.


After he is forced to marry Olmo's daughter, Pedro falls in love with Vera on a business trip. He is ready to leave everything for his new love, but he must abandon his plans when Olmo, his boss and mentor, threatens her life. Pedro separates from his great love to save her, but years later, Pedro and Vera meet again under strange circumstances. Olmo, who is unaware of Vera's past, has fallen in love with her and introduces her to his family as his new girlfriend. In the meeting the love of Pedro and Vera is revived, with which the dark past that unites them is discovered and a painful plan of revenge is unleashed.


  • Working title for the show was 'Juego de traiciones'.


Main cast

Gabriel Soto Pedro Cáceres
Fátima Molina Vera Solís
Rebecca Jones Antonia Solís
Alejandro de la Madrid Julio
Guillermo García Cantú Olmo Cáceres
Juan Carlos Barreto Fausto
Marisol del Olmo Ivana de Cáceres
Ana Bertha Espín Delia
Federico Ayos Gastón Cáceres
Natalia Téllez Lola Solís
Enoc Leaño Faut
Nina Rubín Legarreta Faby
Cuauhtli Jiménez Gonzalo
Joshua Gutiérrez Teodoro "Teo"
María Penella Gómez Mariana
Helena Rojo Alicia
Alessio Valentini Edy
Emilio Guerrero Danfe Gonados
Tamara Mazarraza Mélida
Markin Lopez Jacinto
Eppy Velez Emilia
Pedro Sicard Octavio Herrerías
Anton Araiza
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