"Un poquito tuyo" is a Mexican telenovela for Imagen television. It's a remake of a 2017 Chilean telenovela 'Tranquilo papá' and it aired from February 25 to June 17, 2019. The main stars are Marjorie de Sousa and Jorge Salinas.


Antonio Solano is an extremely successful family man who comes from a humble family, so he strives to give his family everything he could not have in his youth. In his eagerness that his family does not lack anything, Antonio is generous to the point of spoiling his wife and children; as a result, the kids, Eduardo, Javier and Viviana become good for nothing spoiled brats, doing nothing but spend the money on superficial things, while his wife Catalina only worries about staying beautiful with the help of plastic surgery.

On the day of his birthday, Antonio realizes what he has caused when none of his loved ones remembers to congratulate him, and to top it off they only appear to ask for more and more. That's when Antonio finally snaps and decides to put a limit. From now on each of them will have to work to earn for a living.

His life falls apart with the arrival of Julieta from whom he will no longer be able to separate. On the day of her wedding with Elvis, Julieta realizes he cheated on her with strippers on his bachelor party. She runs away from the altar, and on her way she crosses path with Antonio. From then on, their destinies are now intertwined. Antonio and Julieta want real love and someone who truly understands them... but are each other the answer?


  • Gabriela Spanic was in consideration for the main antagonist role. After contract negotiations fell through, Lorena Herrera gained the role.
  • Differences between the Chilean original and Mexican adaptation (aside from most character names; Elvis and his sister Madonna were the only ones who kept their first names):
    • Domingo (Antonio)'s parent-in-law is male in the original and female in the adaptation.
    • Father-in-law is part of a band in the original and mother-in-law is a soloist in the adaptation.
    • Elvis' Asperger's-affected relative is an uncle in the original and a brother in the adaptation. To keep name consistency, the brother was named Elton after Elton John.
  • One of Catalina's friends is named Pepa Aldunate after Catalina's character's name in the original version.


Main cast

Jorge Salinas Antonio Solano Díaz
Marjorie de Sousa Julieta Vargas
Lorena Herrera Catalina Montiel de Solano
Raúl Coronado Elvis Rosales
María José Magán Elena Vargas
David Palacio Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Solano Montiel
Thali García Viviana 'Vivi' Solano Montiel
David Caro Levy Javier 'Javi' Solano Montiel
Alexa Martín Madonna Rosales
Nubia Martí Guadalupe 'Lupita' de Montiel
Eugenio Montessoro Francisco 'Paco' Vargas
Ariane Pellicer Gregoria Rosales
Daniel Tovar Elton Rosales
Eva Cedeño Leticia 'Lety' Solano Díaz de Jiménez
Carlos Athié Mateo Jiménez
Joshua Gutiérrez Alberto 'Beto' Suárez
Christian de la Campa Álvaro Barragán
Andrea Carreiro Violeta Sandoval
Camila Rojas Azucena Fuentes
Solkin Ruz Wisin García
Carlos Speitzer Bruno ‘Fonsi’ Garay
Sergio Rogalto Johnny Green
Adriana Montes de Oca Mileidy Peralta
Erick Velarde Adrián Jiménez
Edmundo Velarde Iván Jiménez

Guest stars

Abel Fernando Erick
María Prado Rocío
Javier Ponce Thomas
Ricardo Crespo Mauricio Riva Palacio
Silvana Garriga Rebeca Falcón
Daya Burgos Sara Escobar
Lucas Bernabé Fabian Caballero
Rodrigo Cuevas Paulino
Regina Graniewicz Luz Soto
German Girotti
Diana Golden
Héctor Parra

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