"Vino el amor" is a Mexican telenovela produced by José Alberto Castro for Televisa. It's a remake of a Chilean telenovela La chúcara. The main stars are Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto.


Set in the majestic vineyeards of Napa Valley, California, 'Vino el amor' introduces us to Mexican Americans trying not only to achieve the American dream, but also the success surrounding their families.

David, after losing his wife Elisa in a seemingly intentional accident, is depressed to such a degree that he begins to neglect his children Fernanda and Bobby and the vineyard he loves so much. His mother-in-law Lilian, who is supposed to be his best friend, tries to take advantage of the situation, and steal David's fortune. An unexpected arrival to the compound alters her plans.

Luciana, a cheerful and spontaneous young woman who grew near the vineyard along with her father many years ago, returns to disrupt David's life. In their relationship of love and hate, Luciana changes everything for the better and David starts to love life again, along with gaining Luciana's affection.


  • Production of the telenovela started in June 2016 in California, USA.
  • Working title of the telenovela was La salvaje.
  • Irina Baeva's first protagonist role in a telenovela.
  • Kimberly Dos Ramos' first telenovela for Televisa. Previously to this role, she mainly acted for Venevision and Telemundo.
  • First Televisa's telenovela for Argentine actor Luciano Zacharski who starred in various TV Azteca's telenovelas.
  • First telenovela for young actor Emilio Beltrán and actress Yanet Sedano.


Main cast

Irina Baeva Luciana Muñoz Estrada
Gabriel Soto David Robles Morán
Christian de la Campa Juan Téllez
Kimberly Dos Ramos Graciela Palacios
Azela Robinson Lilian Palacios
Cynthia Klitbo Marta Estrada de Muñoz
Mar Contreras Susan O'Neal-Williams
José Eduardo Derbez León Muñoz Estrada
Sofía Castro Fernanda Robles
Luciano Zacharski Carlos 'El Tano' Flores
Gloria Aura Perla Vidal
Verónica Jaspeado Sonia Ortiz
Raúl Coronado Miguel Díaz
Yanet Sedano Carolina 'Carito' González
Juan Vidal Bryan Gutiérrez
Moisés Arizmendi César Callejas
Rúben Zamora Cesar
Mario Loria Ramón Flores
Emilio Beltrán Bobby Robles
Óscar Bonfiglio Adolfo Ballesteros
Juan Carlos Serrano Rima Mark Williams
Bárbara López Érika Ballesteros

Guest stars

Laura Carmine Lisa Palacios de Robles
Alejandro Ávila Marcos Muñoz Pérez
Rodolfo Valdés Joselo
Daniel Chávez Camacho Officer Reynolds
Harding Junior Police Officer
Pietro Vannucci Police Officer
Alan Del Castillo Worker at Vineyard
Derrick James Officer MaCallan
Mauro González Gardener
Natalia Juárez /
Rami Ramírez /
Andrés Rodríguez /
Samantha Siqueiros /
Roberto Malta /
Fortino Escutia /
Ali García /
Luis Enrique Guillén /
Yamil Yaber /
Salvador Sánchez /

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